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Disney World Itineraries : 1 day Epcot Plan

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

Looking for a plan of action for Epcot? This 1 day Epcot plan will give you access to all of the magic whilst highlighting the main attractions this whopper of a park has to offer.

EPCOT; You amaze me.

 Traveling around the world, discovering imaginative attractions and riding “knock your socks off” thrill rides; it’s all just way too much for any sane adult to ignore.

Epcot is spilt into 2 connected parks. Future world houses the main headlining attractions whilst World Showcase takes you travelling around the world in 80 days  an afternoon!


This 1 day Epcot plan is tried and tested (November 2016)

We may have visited as adults, but I’d like to think this plan includes steps with input from the children within us. I’ve also adapted certain options to suit families with younger members.

At Epcot you’ll find that Soarin’, Test Track and Mission: Space, all operate the rider switch program. This allows parents to take turns riding meaning that these rides can be included in your own plan even if you have little ones that do not meet the height requirements.

This plan includes estimated wait times. However please keep in mind that crowd levels can vary. We arrived on November the 7th (for reference) and stayed through till the 21st.

During our first 10 days we experienced low to average crowds. These rose from the 17th and by the 18th, crowds were insane.

This Epcot plan assumes you are staying on site. If you are staying off site you should amend your morning plans to arrive at the park on time.

How to do Epcot like a pro
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1 Day Epcot Plan

Fastpasses :

Fast passes should be booked 60 days in advance through the My Disney Experience website  (30 days if staying off site)

You can read up on fastpass FAQs here.

Epcot has a tier system for fastpasses :

Tier 1: Choose 1 per day : Frozen Ever After, IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, Soarin’ and Test Track.

Tier 2 : Choose 2 per day : Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival, Journey Into Imagination with Figment, Living with the Land, Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character Spot, RELAUNCHED! Mission: SPACE, Spaceship Earth, The Seas with Nemo & Friends and Turtle Talk with Crush.

10.30am Turtle Talk with Crush. We DID NOT need this fastpass whatsoever as both lines entered at the same time. Swap out for another of your choice but don’t waste it

12.40pm Meet Disney Pals at the Epcot Character spot

7.30pm Frozen ever after

1 Day Epcot Plan

  • 7am – Wake up early – You want to arrive at any Disney World park at least 20 minutes before official opening (unless visiting in the afternoon until closing) Have breakfast in your room (from previously bought groceries) or grab something to go and be up and out by 7:30am. Eating breakfast on route to the park or in the line waiting to enter saves sooo much time! 🙂


  • 8:30am – Arrive at Epcot; Future world entrance – Arriving early means shorter lines and easy movement through security. Have your bags ready to be inspected and be ready to visit your first attraction at 9am. Most Disney world parks will open before official opening time.


  • 9:10am Attractions – Visit the following attractions in order. You may wish to swap out Soarin’ for Test Track as wait times for these can be long. However if you’re wanting to ride either of these rides, one should must be your first port of call as lines at park opening will be shortest. We rode both without fastpasses as we used our tier 1 fastpass for Frozen Ever After (thank god we did as lines for the Frozen ride can be very long!). We went straight to Soarin’ as it’s my favorite ride at Epcot, but you can check the wait times for each (download the My Disney experience App) and judge these for yourself.

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

  • 9.10am Soarin’ – 15 minute wait time
  • 9.40am Test Track – 20 minute wait time
  • 11am Turtle Talk with Crush – Used within fastpass time period. We didn’t need this at all as we still had to wait 15 minutes to go in at exactly the same time as everyone else.
How to do Epcot like a pro
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  • 11.30am The Seas with Nemo and Friends -10 minute wait
  • 11.50am The seas main tank and exhibits -10 minutes viewing

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

  • 12.10pm Mission Space Orange/Green – 15 minute wait time

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

  • 12.55pm Meet Disney pals at Epcot Character Spot – Fastpass 5 minute wait time – regular wait time 45 minutes
  • Drinks at Club Cool – Complimentary drinks. Try the beverly! 

How to do Epcot like a pro

  • 1.45pm Spaceship earth – 10-minute wait
  • 2.30pm – 6pm FREE TIME : We used this time to move over to World Showcase and have lunch at the Rose and Crown pub in the United Kingdom pavilion. Lunch was delicious. Advance dining reservations are definitely recommended (we booked 180 days before).

How to do Epcot like a pro



You could however take a break at your hotel or a Disney Resort nearby. Disney’s boardwalk and surrounding resorts are easily reached by ferry from Epcot’s international gateway.

Alternatively if you have young children and want to head home early, grab a quick lunch and head straight over to World Showcase. Continue the plan and you can adjust your end time to suit accordingly.

We visited World Showcase and took part in my very own version of drinking around the world. Obviously, if you are on a family trip, I do not recommend partaking in any such activity. However, below, I have included some of my recommendations based on our time exploring this area.

This is just a summary of this side of the park. Visiting the entirety of World showcase will take you a second visit. We also spent a morning here later in the week and still have plenty we haven’t seen.

How to Do Epcot Like A Pro

6pm Epcot World showcase

 Clockwise from the United Kingdom

United Kingdom : Drink Mixed Pints

Disney World Epcot Itinerary


Disney World Epcot Itinerary

Mexico : Drink Margherita : Ride Fiesta Tour starring the three Caballero’s

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

7.30pm – Norway : Drink Shot of Aquavit  : Ride Frozen Ever After – Fastpass 10 minute wait time – regular wait time 90 minutes. You can have the Aquavit shot before or after. I recommend before 🙂

China : Eat Dinner at the Lotus Blossom Café’

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

How to do Epcot like a pro
Oh look, how helpful is this sideways menu?!

Italy : Eat from the Gelato stand

How to do Epcot like a pro

Disney World Epcot Itinerary



Disney World Epcot Itinerary


How to do Epcot like a pro

France : Drink Grey Goose slush

Disney World Epcot Itinerary

9.30pm – Leave the park and head back to your hotel. When leaving Epcot the bus line for the Art of Animation Resort was out of this world. We found that getting a $7 Uber home when faced with such a wait was well worth it.

This 1 day Epcot plan is jam-packed and although there are times throughout the day to stroll around and to rest, you need to be prepared for a long day. The following day we slept in late and headed to Typhoon Lagoon in the late afternoon. I recommend taking it easy the following morning and if you MUST visit a park make sure it’s in the late afternoon and stay until close.

Looking to take a break from the parks? Check out my 5 things to do outside of the Disney World parks for inspiration.

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