About me

About meI’m ME.

Your very own London raised, travel writing, destination exploring, travel extraordinaire.


Working alongside brands, and tourism boards to provide travel tips and inspiration for anyone looking to break out of the every day cycle, I’m here to inspire you.

I love gathering the best advice, writing the best reviews, and sharing recommendations based on my own personal experiences.


I’m not really your typical travel blogger. The typical ‘top travel blog’ is usually written from anywhere but Britain, by someone who’s ‘exploring’, in order to ‘find themselves’ on a cliff edge somewhere.

Whilst I’ve ‘found myself’. I’m still right here. Which is pretty much the last place I want to be most of the time.


Despite being born and raised in the capital of the United Kingdom, once acclaimed as the ‘city of opportunities’, I’ve never really had the chance to enjoy the fruits of my labor. I’ve found myself spending my life stuck in the same cycle. Getting through the pain of higher education, onto the struggle of finding a decent paid job only to spend the remainder of my life grinding to the bone every day just to meet ends meet and own the property of my (someone else’s) dreams. Is this really it?

For me, earning a good wage in the capital just isn’t enough and the ‘opportunities’ dangled in front of me, supposedly giving me the motivation to succeed are just unobtainable.


With an ever increasing number of Brits moving abroad (4 million to date. More than any other country in Europe) I’ve felt like I’ve been doing something wrong. This city can suck out the entire positive shot it’s supposed to inject into you.



Taking a trip out of this city has been my favorite thing to do to beat the grind for so many years. I took my first trip when I was 4. I went to Malta. I don’t remember it, but I’m sure it was wonderful. Since then I’ve travelled across Europe, Africa and North America.


Living in London can be incredibly enjoyable. Travelling the world is just so much more fun.


But to travel with an end date is just a trip.


Ultimately I’d love to travel full time, but for now I’m here; living in London whilst travelling to the best places I can get my hands on. I’ll be sharing these experiences with you and my considerably better half. I forgot to mention him earlier, but he’ll pop up again – this is just About Me for now.


Thank you in advance for taking the time to join me on my adventures. I hope the content in these pages will inspire you to go anywhere you want, to be the best you can be, on your own terms, whilst having the most amazing time ever.


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