Jan 2017 Update


Its 2017!

Well its actually 2 weeks into it but still. Where did 2016 even go?

The first 2 weeks of 2017 have been manic, so its time for an update.

I’ve tried out cineworlds new 4DX experience (think theatre type disney ride – your chair moves, you get sprayed with water and ‘punched’ in the back) and saw Star Wars rouge one.

The film was FANTASTIC! And that’s coming from someone that has zero interest in the Star Wars franchise. I even fell asleep 15 minutes into the last one. That happens to everyone i hear you cry, i however, went to an 8am showing (so it wasn’t even night time), at the IMAX (super duper loud) and even sat behind Brian may (queen)! Yet i still managed to nod off less than a quarter of the way through!

big easy canary wharf

I also visited

and reviewed the bottomless Brunch Avalible at London’s Big Easy restaurant. You can read the full review (with AMAZING food pictures) HERE.

I spent a bit of time on the blog over christmas. Its finally starting to look how i want it and although its been very testing, (i’ve spent hours staring at code with no idea what im doing) I’m determined to look after this site by myself for as long as i can.

There’s even more exciting times ahead as we head off to……

Amsterdam this weekend!


If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that im in Amsterdam VERY often. I love the vibe of the city and it feels like a home away from home. It’s soooo cheap to get to from London and nothing compares to the hustle and bustle of its streets verses its calm and serene setting in a museum or cafe. We’re meeting up with another couple out there and surprising my partners friend for his birthday! I love surprises! Especially this kind.

We’ll be catching the last day of the Light Festival and taking a ride on the highest swing n Europe!

I’ll be updating social media whilst we’re there and at some point over the next month i’ll be writing about the time we spent only 13 hours in amsterdam! (It wasn’t a lay over. We literally went all the way to Amsterdam for less than a day. It really is my favourite city)

Also this month its Chinese New year

In Central London there’s an area called China Town and we’ll be heading there to join in the celebrations and i’ll be sharing everything on Instagram with you guys! Its the year of the Rooster so if you were born in 1969, 1981, 1993 this could be your most unlucky year according to Chinese astrology! (Sorry to break it to ya)

As per usual, i’ve been planning my Travel intenary for 2017! I’m unsure if im the only one, but i get soooooo much joy out of planning a trip. Sometimes more joy than the trip has brought me itself.
Below is a ROUGH plan of action for 2017.

This is a HUGE year for us and although a lot of this will change the base plan will stay the same.


January – Amsterdam

February –

March –

April – Gran Canaria (Spain) , Havana and Varadero (Cuba)

May –  Barcelona

June –

July -UK

August – London

September – London

October – Interailling around Europe!

November – Asia

December – Asia

Do you plan out your year of travel? What does it look like? Where are you off to in 2017?

I’d love to get some advice if you’ve visited any of the places above.

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  1. Alex says: Reply

    Hi, Rebecca,
    Just discovered your blog and I wanted to let you know I like it a lot. Your 2017 Travel List looks great; can’t wait to read about your adventures in Cuba and Asia. I’m going to explore your blog, but wanted to say hi first.

    1. LondonToEverywhere says: Reply

      Hi Alex! Thanks so much. I’m looking forward to it so much. Make sure to check back later. I’ll be posting about Amsterdam later today!

  2. Have fun in Amsterdam! I wish I was that close to Europe that I could go frequently. Sounds like an amazing place to visit. And I can’t wait to read about the light festival and chinese new year in London! I also think the movie/ride concept sounds really neat. Glad you didn’t fall asleep. šŸ™‚

    1. LondonToEverywhere says: Reply

      There’s no way I could have fallen asleep lol. If you can visit holland I defo suggest it. I’ll be posting about that weekend later today. It surely helps that the coach from London is just so budget friendly

  3. featherflint says: Reply

    Your travel plans sound amazing!! I would love to go to Amsterdam this year too!

    1. LondonToEverywhere says: Reply

      Thanks so much. You should! It’s such a stunning city!

  4. Quite the year ahead! I wouldn’t feel too bad because I assume Brian May fell asleep too. He’s got to feel above those films you would think. Barcelona is an amazing city, so full of life. In May, I assume it starts to get crowded. So, I suggest taking a day trip to Girona if you can. It’ll be a nice little escape that’s only a 45 minute train ride and has an amazing medieval old town that they use for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones and lots of good microbrews and food. Cuba is way up there on my bucket list and really want to go before it gets overly developed.

    1. LondonToEverywhere says: Reply

      Thank you so much for this tip. I love GOT! I’ll defo be taking a trip there whilst in Barcelona. Cuba has been high of my list forever. I’m so happy I get to celebrate my 30th birthday there!

  5. Julia says: Reply

    Amsterdam is on my bucket list! I wish I could visit as often as you’re able to!

    1. LondonToEverywhere says: Reply

      I plan on making the most of it. Soon we’ll be further away from Europe than i’d like to imagine.

  6. I have always wanted to go to Amsterdam ! It looks so clean and I love that everyone bikes everywhere . I also love that you are a planner ! I am a total planner . I will be moving to Barcelona in may when you plan on visiting !
    Great post and your blog looks fantastic!

    1. LondonToEverywhere says: Reply

      Oh wow! How exciting! What takes you to Barcelona? Coffee in may? Lol
      I’ve just posted about the trip to Amsterdam. It’s got some great tips for first timers x

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