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Virgin Holidays V-Room : Review


I write this review of Virgin Holidays V-Room whilst listening to the soft sounds of George Michael. My belly is full and I have a beautiful view of the run way.

Thank you Virgin Holidays.

virgin v-room review

If you’ve left home early, head to Virgin’s Airport lounge and you’ll be in for a treat. The V-Room is a hassle free departure lounge at Gatwick Airport.  Located in the North Terminal, this extraordinary haven is a peaceful space filled with plenty of pre-departure goodness!

virgin v-room review

A Virgin Holidays Breakfast, the most important meal of the day

virgin v-room review


Breakfast options:

Hot breakfast options : scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, beans and toast. You can also have an egg and bacon Benedict or sweet waffle made to order and there are plenty of vegetarian options.

virgin v-room review

virgin v-room review

The pancake machine is self-serve (you watch your pancakes being made!), And pancake accompaniments include white chocolate buttons and sprinkles. 🙂

virgin v-room review

virgin v-room review

virgin v-room review

virgin v-room review

The Lounge:

Inside the V-Room you’ll find 4 main areas:

An area for dining, a lounge predominantly used for families, a games area and a space for ages 12 and up only.

The space as a whole feels huge with ceiling to floor windows looking out over the runway. There are plug sockets everywhere giving plenty of space to charge your electronics. WIFI is available throughout, which comes in handy whether you’re catching up on some work, surfing the Internet or making those last minute changes to your vacation.

There is a small, secluded children’s soft area in the middle of the main lounge making it easy to let the children explore.

The creators of the lounge really thought about the different areas and how both families and those without children could make the most out of their time there. The entire space is inviting and relaxing whilst giving guests the space to do exactly as they please.

The standard plus option includes access to the bar if you’re that way inclined.

virgin v-room review

The area of the lounge available to teens and adults only has the best view of the runway and the cutest day beds I’ve ever seen at an airport!

virgin v-room review


The Games room:

virgin v-room review

Oh how I wish the V-room had been around during my childhood family vacations. This area cannot even compare to the normal departure lounge of the airport. Lets just list these items off;

  • TV’s
  • IPads
  • An F1 Driving simulator
  • 2 X-Boxes (Fifa and star wars games)
  • A Photo booth and….
  • A foosball table!

virgin v-room review

Although the area is aimed at children, young adults and even older members of the family are free to let loose.

The V-Room is only available to Virgin Holidays customers meaning guests avoid the normal airport crowds.

Live departure times dotted around the entire lounge and direct boarding announcements leave you certain that Virgin are on top of things.

virgin v-room review

What else can you do at Virgins V-Room?

  • Sort out your car hire without waiting in line
  • Pick up Tourist Visas (we’d had a problem with the Cuban Tourist Visa we’d been given at check in and Kim was so helpful getting us a new one)
  • Ask as many questions about your destination as you can. The Virgin reps are extremely informative
Did I enjoy my pre departure time in the V-room?


Would I pay £24pp to use the V-room again?



Quality of food: 10/10

I recommend everything! Seriously, I tried and tested all of the following; English breakfast, pancakes, pastries, tea, coffee, orange juice and the rum and coke. All in the name of research of course!

Staff: 10/10

There are plenty of Virgin staff available for questions but they’re not pushy at all and will wait for guests to approach them with any questions or requests. Kim was our Virgin representative. She was fabulous! As well as helping with our visas she had some great recommendations for our time in Cuba, which is just what you need to help you feel informed and prepared for your trip.

Cleanliness: 10/10

Our finished plates were cleared away immediately. Food was constantly re-filled. Bathrooms were clean and huge! Good bathrooms at an airport are so important!

Overall: 10/10

I can’t fault a thing. I don’t know what I’ll do on my next trip without Virgin Holidays. The whole experience is just what i needed before a 10-hour flight. As a couple we would have easily spent £20 each on breakfast and coffees at the airport so our visit was definitely good value for money.

Access to the V-Room is available 3 hours before your flight and Virgin will let you stay in the lounge after your departure time if your flight is delayed.

Start your holiday before you’ve even taken off in the V-Room!

Entry costs £20 for an adult and £12 per child. Adults can upgrade to Standard plus with access to the bar for £4pp.

Book the V-Room at Gatwick Airport here.

Entry includes all of the above-mentioned items.

Thank you so much Virgin Holidays! My trip to Cuba was unreal!

virgin v-room review

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  1. Yay for making your own pancakes! Not sure which I would like more, the pancakes with little chocolates on top or the cinnamon rolls. Fresh food like this is so much better than the breakfast they serve on planes.

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